Aggregates and Soils/Pit and Quarry Division

Geo. W. Drummond Ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier of aggregates to contractors as well as the residential market. We operate several licensed sand and gravel pits throughout the Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton. All material is sold on a F.O.B. or delivered basis. We also provide on site custom crushing and screening.


Material types: sand, gravel, crushed stone, topsoil and fill.


Crushed Gravel

6" Crushed Gravel
3" Crushed Gravel
3" Screened Gravel
2" Crushed Gravel
1" Crushed Gravel
5/8" Crushed Gravel

Sand Fill

Sand Fill
Granular "C" Sand
Screened Sand
Winter Sand
Hydro Sand
Filter Media Sand


Unscreened Topsoil
Screened Topsoil
Garden Soil (Topsoil, Mushroom Compost, Black Peat)
Mushroom Compost
Black Peat


Granular "A" Stone
Ornamental Stone (3" - 6")
River Washed Stone (1")
2" Clear Stone
" Clear Stone
3/8" Clear Stone
Stone Dust